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Glenn D. Shean                email:                Tel. (757) 221-3886

Professor of Psychology 

Research Interests: Human emotional and interpersonal development, including the development, diagnosis and treamtent of mental disorders.

Theoretical orientation: Broadly speaking Interpersonal. In the traditions of H.S. Sullivan, N. Cameron, R. Carson, T. Leary, M. Mahler, J. Winnicott, A. Pesso and many others..

Recent research activities: Social cognition and psychopathology, Trait dimensions of personality disorders, Informaiton processing and psychopathology.

Recent publicaitons:


Understanding and Treating schizophrenia, Haworth Press (2004).

Psychology and the Environmental Crisis, Booksbybookends (2005)


Social cognition and syndromes of schizophrenia. Jouran of Nervous and Mental Disease (under review)

Dimenaional aspects of Borderline personality disorder. Psychopathology (submitted)

Interpersonal aspects of the syndromes of schizophrenia. Psychopathology (2003), 36, 13-16.

Shifts in diagnostic frequencies during the years 1975-1999. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 191, 751-755.

Courses taught past 5 years

Psychopathology and the Cinema

Abnormal Psychology

Research in Abnormal Psychology

Learning and Behavior Disorders of Children

Proseminar in Psychopathology

Clinical Psychopathology